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who we are

ESSA SYNERGY Skopje, is a voluntary, non-profit, nongovernmental, non-party  association of citizens, formed by the citizens, for the accomplishment protection and harmonization of their interests and convictions in the promotion of civil society and local communities, as well as the performing of actions and activities for the stimulation of moral values, strengthening of multi-ethnic relations and the economic development throughout the territory of North Macedonia and wider, in accordance with the Constitution and the National laws.


The citizens gathered within the Association have an interest to promote the protection and promotion of the environment and nature, sustainable development, elevation of the degree of civil responsibility within communities and consciousness about the usefulness of sport and recreation, exchange of information, elevation of capacities of all interested parties and stakeholders in the field of environment, nature, civil aspects, sport and recreation.


The Association for improvement of the quality-of-life ESSA SYNERGY Skopje functions on the territory of Republic of North Macedonia, and is organized in the area of the Centar Municipality in the town of Skopje. In its function, the Association may expand on a national level and may cooperate with organizations, associations, foundations and institutions, and become a member in associations in the country and abroad, in accordance with the Constitution and Legal frame of RNM and its Statute.


The mission of the Association is: a healthy environment, preservation of nature, elevated degree of civil responsibility within communities and consciousness about the usefulness of sport and recreation.


The basic goals and tasks of the Association are: protection and improvement of the environment and nature, the development of communities, culture, sport and recreation in the Republic of North Macedonia, the Balkan Region and wider.

The Association is active in the following activities:

  • Establishment and promotion of sustainable community development;
  • Improvement and protection of the environmental media quality: air, water, soil, as well as: biodiversity, nature, ecosystem’s services, noise, waste, etc.;
  • Building capacities at a local, regional and central level to deal with the degradation of the soil and promotion of procedures and practices for its use, recultivation, erosion prevention, landscaping, etc.;
  • Implementation of measures for achieving neutrality in soil degradation;
  • Facilitation of dialog between all relevant parties on topics close to the protection of the environment, the use and protection of biological diversity, and people’s life;
  • Improvement of the psychophysical capacity and health of the population;
  • Promotion of tourism, sport and recreation, in order to improve the quality of life;
  • Inclusion of the community in the decision-making process;
  • Building capacities for the improvement of the socio-economic state of the communities;
  • Building and improving the civil responsibility of communities;
  • Continuous training on the latest methods and techniques for environmental impact assessment, appropriate nature assessment, social aspects, assessment of the value of goods and environmental damages and other topics;
  • Implementation of action at a local, regional and national level for raising awareness and strengthening of capacities for protection and improvement of the environment and quality of life;
  • Inclusion of women in activities for environmental protection, nature protection, ecosystem’s services, application of sport and recreation as a lifestyle and improvement of the socioeconomic capacity of the communities;
  • Initiation and participation in research and monitoring of the latest world practices and techniques for protection of the environment, development of the community, sport and recreation;
  • Promotion and development of volunteering;
  • Building partner relationships with governmental institutions, local authorities, local and international organizations;
  • Cooperation with other associations from the country and abroad, in the field of environment, protection of the biological diversity and nature, agriculture, engineering, efficient use of energy and renewable sources of energy, transport, people’s health, sport, tourism and recreation and other topics, for the purpose of exchange of experiences, knowledge and application of positive efficient methods for the improvement of the quality of life.

Meet our team

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Marcos Vallejo
Ski instructor
Anne Smith
Hiking guide
John WIlliams
Climbing instructor
Joanna Lorens
Yoga instructor
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