What Is Remote Collaboration & How to Make It Work for You

What Is Remote Collaboration & How to Make It Work for You

Your team can then refer to the relevant resource to understand the current state of play, including guidelines or any planned changes. According to behavioral change expert Adam Grant, leaders are “culture carriers,” which means it’s crucial for you to lead by example. This is especially true in remote work, where studies suggest that managers are less enthusiastic about the arrangement than lower and mid-level employees. This echoes the point about setting clear expectations — but from both sides. Employees (including yourself) should have clear boundaries, or run the risk of burnout. Ask your team to share their preferred working hours and respect them, even if they are not necessarily the most convenient for you.

  1. Plus, its communication features like instant messaging & file sharing ensure that all open conversations are organized logically.
  2. Plus, tailor the activities to your team’s interests and preferences and be open to feedback on the most effective activities.
  3. Dialpad is suitable for both mid-size & large in-house & remote teams that require a simple, no-frills video conferencing solution.
  4. A great option is monthly town halls, where participants can participate in breakout sessions and get to know each other.

Reduce Meetings

Having cameras on for video calls can also contribute to burnout, and they are not always necessary. Establish camera and non-camera time for meetings and communicate clear boundaries for when cameras need to be on. A great option is monthly town halls, where participants can participate in breakout sessions and get to know each other. Make these meetings a well-rounded combination of company communications, performance metrics, recognition, and interactive fun time. Whether topic-driven, moderator-driven, or activity-themed, ensure team members are interactive participants and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone. However, there’s huge advantages to getting everyone together in a physical space from time to time, even if it’s not for work purposes.

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Plus, with a variety of customizable layouts & custom templates, it’s simple to tailor it to meet a variety of requirements. Google Workspace combines the power of Gmail with document storage, shareable calendars, and video calls — all remote team collaboration in one suite of tools. Your team can chat, give everyone access to files, and meet up virtually with this platform. And it combines several features you likely already use, making it a great option for cohesive and easy collaboration.

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When my team did this, each person shared top three strengths, lowest-ranked strength, and something in our results that surprised us. Then we’d discuss as a group how that person’s top strengths contribute to the team already, and how we could make even better use of them. But little problems have a way of growing larger while you’re not looking, and eventually, you’ve got a crisis on your hands. Health Monitor prevents this by prompting teams to self-assess on a regular basis and keep their weaknesses from becoming full-blown liabilities.

Have an online lunch date 🍱

Any successful remote team needs a tool to communicate effortlessly and track projects in real-time. It boasts a clean User Interface that takes less than a minute to adapt. If you are looking for a tool that levels up company communication, creates a great culture, and grows employee engagement, the Workplace can be a good fit. It is a secure tool based on a similar technology as Facebook with features like making groups, live videos, and chatting with the employees or team. Although initially built as a tool for chat-based communication, Slack has evolved to include audio and video calls, too.

Communication Tools

Ashore is an all-in-one creative collaboration tool that aims to make digital collaboration more accessible to everyone. Whilst, it aids in project tracking & integrations, it truly shines in its proofing & approval tools. Fleep is a web & mobile-based instant messaging app that allows teams to communicate & share files & information. It also has a lot of storage, integration options, & even a presence feature that showcases a team member’s activity.

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Use Asana to delegate responsibilities, monitor the status of tasks, and communicate regarding project progress. Plus, Asana integrates with Slack, enabling teammates to turn Slack conversations into action items and projects in Asana. The platform supports the philosophy of open communication to encourage teams to listen & learn how to work & communicate more effectively. Furthermore, its tools aren’t just for inter-team collaboration; they can also be used to improve client relations & create a more thought-provoking hiring process. As a knowledge base, it enables users to create, manage, & publish articles in real-time.

Collect and organize important high-level information that employees need when they join the company. That could include org charts, a team directory, your company mission and goals, content calendars, product roadmaps, or other information everyone should know. When Jacobs, an engineering services company, wanted to find a better solution to organize resources that were spread out across multiple platforms, they turned to Mural. Jacobs credits Mural with streamlining their workflows and creating a faster onboarding process. The company creates architecture, furniture, and technology products for the workplace that require a lot of visual collaboration that was typically done in person prior to the pandemic. These questions can help identify what processes are needed for a sustainable remote work environment.

It’s easy to get so caught up in executing on your work that you forget to expand your horizons, especially when working from home with no office banter happening around you. Plus, remote work can be isolating if you don’t make a point to connect with your teammates on a personal level. He reiterates the importance of developing processes that serve your team and only introducing tools to further streamline those practices. Team collaboration done right is a powerful force to align a group of individuals to accomplish a common goal in the most effective way possible.

Teams that once enjoyed brainstorming on physical whiteboards can now use online versions. Platforms offering this tool sometimes couple it with video conferencing so teams can feel like they’re in the same room. Some collaboration platforms specialize in certain kinds of features, and others combine the power of several. This means that you can choose from all-in-one software or create a bespoke mix of tools, using one to communicate, another to document share, and so on. At Adadot we have created our own collaboration platform which is part of our product. But in general, each remote team, especially in a digital agency, needs to be able to organize their work.

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform to bring your work together across apps into one collaborative platform. Its integration power can boost your team’s efficiency, https://remotemode.net/ from brainstorming concepts to driving progress. Learn the processes you need to find, recruit, and onboard remote employees (and stay compliant while you’re at it).

In conversation, make it clear what you expect from remote interactions and how in-person collaboration will be handled. So, integrate these tools into your team’s workflow and provide training and resources to ensure everyone knows how to use them. Also, regularly review your tools stack to ensure they still meet your team’s needs. If a tool no longer serves your needs, look for alternatives offering better functionality.

This could be an all-in-one project management and communication platform or a bespoke suite of tools your team pulls together. Monday features virtual roadmapping tools, custom workflows, and project-planning task boards that keep teams aligned, no matter where their members are on the globe. Monday also lets you centralize everything you do, supporting file sharing and communication integrations with third-party tools like Slack. Figma gives teams a space to design products together with real-time collaboration, even for those working from home.

When employees work from the same location, a lot of interactions happen organically — so-called “water cooler” moments. A cross between the gnome prank in Amélie and the Flat Stanley craze, this ongoing activity yields months of fun. When it’s your turn, use your chat channels to share photos of the plush hanging out with you, then pack it back up and mail it to the next person after a week or so. (Thought so. Pretty much everyone does.) The content team at Trello is no different… but they’ve gone next-level with it.

Traditional enterprises tend to have a “we will train our employees only as much as we have to” mentality. However, this approach will make your employees more likely to seek other opportunities where they feel more valued and prepared. Of course, there is always the risk of employees leaving with their newfound skills, but having undertrained employees can be worse for your business and the organization. For any team leader, leaving a good impression on potential team members during the interview process is crucial. Show that you have your act together by presenting well on camera and expect them to do the same.

You’ll find a canvas available for any direct message or channel, and you can create dedicated canvases for brainstorming in specific Slack threads. Use a canvas to take notes, embed files and images, integrate workflows, write to-do lists and solidify meeting agendas. Lucidspark integrates into Slack to enable visual brainstorming with remote teammates. Slack lets you create, share, keep track of and provide feedback on Lucidspark boards. The best remote work collaboration solutions help you choose appropriate meeting times and work asynchronously with teammates in different time zones. For example, Google Calendar shows potential meeting times that fall within all participants’ working hours, and Slack lets you set time zone preferences.

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